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Poor oral hygiene practices can place your teeth at increased risk of suffering from cavities. If you further procrastinate professional care from a dentist like Dr. Brittany Greer severe tooth decay could result in the loss of multiple teeth in one area of your mouth.

In some of these cases, you might not be a good candidate for restoring the teeth with a dental implant supported bridge. This is more likely if you’ve suffered from chronic periodontal disease in the past.

Should this prove to be the case, Dr. Brittany Greer might recommend creating a removable partial denture. This dental appliance mimics the appearance and function of the missing teeth, set into a pink medium that matches the appearance of your gums.

The process of fitting you for the partial denture includes a thorough examination the area to make sure the surrounding teeth are healthy. If any other teeth in have also been compromised by tooth decay or periodontal disease Dr. Brittany Greer might recommend having them extracted and replicated in the partial denture

Dr. Brittany Greer will then prepare detailed impression of the area. It will be sent to a professional dental lab where you partial denture will be created.

If you live in the Cleveland, Texas, area and you have suffered multiple tooth loss, you should call 281-592-5865 to schedule a restoration consultation at Cleveland Dental Associates.