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It is important to make sure that you’re always taking care of your teeth as a teen, so they can stay strong for the remainder of your life. Your wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge in your smile, which officially arrive during your teenage years. Once your wisdom teeth are in, you will not be getting any more teeth, which means that it is much more important that take care of your smile. Not only should you be keeping up on your oral hygiene but you should also be exercising caution with peer pressure risks that could be putting your smile in harm’s way.

To learn more about how to care for your smile during your teenage years, look through the points below:

  • Several risk factors are often present with teenage dentistry, including peer pressure risks such as smoking or chewing tobacco. You should avoid these products immediately simply because of their risks to your physical health. However, you should also avoid smoking and chewing tobacco because they can also cause oral health ailments, such as infections, tooth loss and cancer.
  • Mouth jewelry, such as lip and tongue rings, are a known risk factor for a teen’s smile. These products can have several dangerous consequences, including nerve damage, oral inflammation, chipped or cracked teeth and oral infections. If the piercings break off, they can even become choking hazards.
  • Many teens are involved with sports, which can severely damage a teen’s smile. To keep your smile safe, always wear the necessary safety gear. This includes mouth guards, helmets or face masks. In regard to your oral health, you need to protect not only your teeth and gums but also your jaw.

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