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Are you aware mouth jewelry has a damaging effect on your teeth? Yes, it’s true! In fact, mouth jewelry can cause your teeth harm and lead to painful and costly problems in the future. That is why mouth jewelry is seen as an oral health hazard.

Our dentist, Dr. Brittany Greer with Cleveland Dental Associates in Cleveland, Texas, is happy to help you keep a healthy smile. To help you understand more about the effect mouth jewelry can have on your oral health, our dental team is happy to share this information with you:

Here is a list of facts on mouth jewelry which can be linked to your oral health:

-Do you wish to limit the hazardous effects of mouth jewelry? If so, eliminate them from your life.
-Your dentist may have a difficult time giving you oral health care procedures or treatments if mouth jewelry is in place.
-Do you want a tongue ring? Did you know that it can cause permanent nerve damage in your tongue? It’s true!
-To keep your smile in tip-top shape, understand the risks involved with lip or tongue rings and how they can lead to further damage. Even infectious diseases can occur.
-If your mouth jewelry consists of hard metal or plastic parts, they can break off and become choking hazards, or damage and split your teeth open.
-Tooth enamel wear, allergic reactions, burst blood vessels, pain, swelling and excessive drooling are all known symptoms of mouth jewelry.

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