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If you have struggled with advanced gum disease or tooth decay and lost several teeth as a result, you may be struggling with the decreased function of your smile. This could further weaken any remaining affected teeth in your smile. When it comes to replacing teeth, custom removable dentures can restore lacking dental function.

By visiting our dentist for custom-made dentures instead of choosing a more generic option, you can return your mouth to full function, enjoy a beautiful smile that looks natural, and increase your quality of life. Following any needed tooth extraction, we work with an excellent dental lab to custom craft your permanent dentures based on a detailed impression of your smile.

Wearing dentures that are custom fit to conform to your mouth’s unique smile shape provides a very snug feel. You can enhance the secure hold of your dentures by also using denture adhesive, which provides a seal that prevents food particles from irritating the gums under the denture base.

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